Beautiful Evenings and Sunburned Days

Here’s an arbitrary fact –

Zululand Yacht Club puts up the tastiest T/Bones ever tasted.  Braaied to your exact (well nearly) specifications over the hot coals by their cook, people flock to get theirs in time before they run out.  Served with fresh vegetables of the day (creamed spinach and butternut squash), salad or “pap en sous” (South African polenta and spicy gravy), they are best eaten straight off the fire, either in the cool of the upstairs air-conditioned bar, outside in the gardens overlooking the water, or, better still, back in the comfort of your own boat.  This we have taken to doing lately as monsieur “le Chien” (our Yorkie), has accompanied us on our visits to the boat and Yacht Club Rules decree that dogs are not allowed in or near the club facilities.  A mere wrinkle in the cloth of our lives, we take it in our stride, but ensure to never reveal such social injustices to our well-behaved furry one.  He remains blissfully unaware of his social unacceptability on those hallowed lawns and struts his stuff in the drive like he owns the place.  We have had to take him aside on the odd occasion though, and point out that his own predjudices against certain members of the local, randomly wandering, fish-eating feline population are not to be tolerated, despite their colourful dockside language!  Instead, he has been strongly advised to hold his head high on passing by on his way to his ablutions and to quietly ignore their caterwauls, having had the futility of engaging in sordid waterfront fights pointed out to him in no uncertain terms.   (Especially since most if these said specimens have lived ferally on the docks for years and are much larger than him).

Life does indeed go on.

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