Food, Glorious food!


I really don’t actually need an excuse to peruse thousands of recipes, but throw in a planned lifetime of sailing across the oceans of the world to get to perfect cruising destinations in our own yacht and you have what makes me get up in the morning!

Because a sailboat is slow, meaning more time on the water getting to destinations than actual storage life of fresh foods, together with the reality that shopping in foreign far-flung ports, (although providing exciting sensory stimulation), also requires foreign currency.    Sadly, the biggest bang for our buck only exists at home, in the land we leave behind, so we have to operate as frugally as we can, which boils down to carrying as much of what you fancy from home.   Organic grass fed beef, lamb and pork reared by caring farmers who assure absolute traceability of each animal.  Organic fruit and veg, no GMO products and buying local ensures no radurisation of imported herbs, spices and so on.  This has led me to venture into the world of canning and (gasp) dehydrating. Pinterest has become an invaluable resource and I’m sure I have become known in cyberspace as the virtual queen of pinning (a dubious title but, hey ho).

Thinking food, planning food, trying my hand at canning, trying the food in the cans, my kitchen is constantly buried under a crammed deluge of vegetables, meat, chicken, fruit and jars, jars, jars!  Constantly looking for ways to prepare and preserve meals, either ready made or ingredients to make up a meal, with healthy eating at the forefront of all planning, I have also begun the fascinating foray into fermentation.  Kimchee, kombucha, yoghurt, lactofermented lemonade and so we go …

This afternoon, browsing through soup recipes, I suddenly felt like a lentil soup I used to make some years back and scanned and searched the net for a recipe for a bit of guidance as the list of ingredients was a little hazy.    Not finding anything remotely close, I decided to try to make it from memory, check the taste and then preserve it for later, by canning.

Flushed with success, I actually forgot to photograph it before we ate it all up, but, because a picture is better than a thousand words, so to speak, I shall have to make it again and post my pic-heavy, food-related articles to a separate section for those with more than a passing interest in the riveting subject of food.