Richards Bay for now

Catarina is now tucked in her new moorings at the Zululand Yacht Club and we are slowly enjoying getting well acquainted with her over the weekends when the weather is kind.

Little dog, Milo, (“le chien”) now accompanies us for the odd weekend stay and has settled comfortably into boat life, which means that our visits can become a bit more frequent.

Sailing with our friends Marc and Annie on their boat “Anushka” recently afforded us the opportunity of comparing the feel of their monohull to our multihull, and we were very pleasantly surprised at how smoothly she sailed.  Anushka is very wide and thankfully handled beautifully without leaning uncomfortably.  The inevitable queasiness quickly abated and we were soon able to enjoy Annie’s fabulous sandwiches, worthy of gracing any “high tea” table, with wind and brilliant sea all around, whilst the men went to work on their fishing endeavours.

Nigel and Marc on Anushka

Christmas Eve 2016 was a glittering culinary triumph for Annie and, as guests aboard Anushka, we were honored to partake in her sophisticated blue, silver and white-themed finger supper.

Catarina leaving Durban

Night ends as murky darkness lightens to pale grey, then flings soft swathes of pinks and pale gold higher and higher from the horizon, until the whole sky is bathed in a glorious symphony of soft colour to celebrate the new day. We ease Catarina from her berth in the Durban Marina and Himself motors her through the harbour entrance on our epic voyage to Richards Bay. It’s a big day for us as it’s the first time we have sailed her on our own and we bounce around excitedly.image

We had a friend with us who was keen on the chance to join us on this journey and to fish. I felt relaxed knowing that “1st mate duties” did not fall entirely on my shoulders. Himself would have someone to confer with whilst loading up fishing gear and all other manner of manly stuff, leaving me to fiddle in the galley, crochet or just laze and while away some hours reading/dozing.

imageimageEarly morning rowers setting off energetically.

Harbour mouth
Harbour mouth and mid-channel marker



Rods out and set up pretty quickly

Wind was very light and directly “on the nose”, so to speak, which made sailing impossible, so we motored happily straight into it.  Himself plotted a course on the chart plotter and we settled in for a good trip anticipating arrival in Richards Bay at around 4pm, plenty of time to dock easily in daylight and disembark to head back home in the car.


Passing Ballito and Salt Rock, friends found us and photographed Catarina from the land.

Don’t miss the next post about the other half of the journey and arriving in Richards Bay ….